Beard Oil, Eighth Ounce Travel Vial
Beard Oil, Eighth Ounce Travel Vial
Beard Oil, Eighth Ounce Travel Vial

Beard Oil, Eighth Ounce Travel Vial

$ 8.00

This dram-sized dropper vial of beard oil comes in a box and features an eighth-ounce of oil that can last for 2-4 weeks of daily use, perfect to try a new scent or to stay dapper on that next adventure. A leave-in conditioner for your beard, our beard oils are undiluted and full of rich and moisturizing oils. It will make hair softer and feeds the skin underneath - and it smells great too.

Our Fragrances
Cedar Eucalyptus
Our flagship fragrance, it combines geographically distant evergreens, with earthy red cedar, camphorous and sweet blue gum eucalyptus, and bright, slightly spicy notes of cypress from Spain.
Sandalwood Spice
Sustainably farmed Australian sandalwood is blended with a complement of herbs, spices, and other aromatics, including oak moss, cardamom, and a hint of vanilla. Warm, woody, and spicy, this is an exotic fragrance without equal.
Bourbon Barrel
French oak cask extract is paired with notes of citrus, cardamom, and vanilla to give a rich, woods-and-spice fragrance inspired by the complex bouquet that whiskey extracts from an oak barrel.
Hops Flower
Steam-distilled Hungarian hop cones yield a distinctive aroma familiar to IPA lovers, and it's complemented in this fragrance by grapefruit, spruce, and pepper to evoke some of the character of hops such as Cascade, Chinook, and Zeus hop varieties.
Back Country Forest
Take a walk through the alpine wilderness with bright conifers like pine, spruce, and fir, with supporting notes of lavender, lemon, and basil to make this fragrance a refreshing call to the wild. 
Bay Rum
Predominantly Caribbean bay leaf with additional lime and spices, this fragrance is extremely distinctive and masculine. Related to all spice, the Caribbean bay leaf exudes a spicy aroma that is truly unique.
Citrus Splash
Lemon, lime, & grapefruit mingle in this classic citrus scent, with an added splash of juniper berry essential oil for an herb and spice middle note.
After washing the beard, use the dropper to put 3-4 drops into your palm and massage onto still-dampened face and beard (use more as needed, but remember that dampness in the beard will help spread the oil evenly). Use fingers, comb, or brush to work the oil evenly from root to tip. Bottle includes an orifice reducer for judicious use. Always perform a patch test first, may contain allergens for some people. 

Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rose Hip Fruit Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance*
*crafted exclusively from essential oils

This blend of natural oils contains both fast-absorbing oils like argan and grape seed to penetrate the skin and keep your face soft and moisturized. It also contains slow-absorbing oils like jojoba and rose hip fruit oil, which will hydrate and protect your hairs and leave the beard with a lustrous sheen. Amount of sheen can be controlled by adjusting the application rate. Argan oil Rose Hip Fruit Oil Bottle includes an orifice reducer for judicious use.
 Contents: 1/8 fl oz or 3.75 ml

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