Beard Care Kit, Beard Oil & Natural Bar Soap. Vegan Palm-Free Soap.
Beard Care Kit, Beard Oil & Natural Bar Soap. Vegan Palm-Free Soap.
Beard Care Kit, Beard Oil & Natural Bar Soap. Vegan Palm-Free Soap.

Beard Care Kit, Beard Oil & Natural Bar Soap. Vegan Palm-Free Soap.

$ 25.00

A go-to kit for washing up and taking care of an unruly beard, this kit has soap to wash up and a beard oil to strengthen and condition the beard (and smell great doing it).

Giving a gift? Each kit comes with a beard care leaflet and is packed in kraft crinkle paper. Opt for express shipping, and the carton will be shipped in a padded envelope, so it'll be in great shape for wrapping in paper or a strand of twine.

Includes one 4-oz bar of soap, 1-oz beard oil, and a beard care leaflet.

Our small batch natural soaps are all made with a base of natural oils and butters. Instead of palm, we use a blend of shea and cocoa butters to give the soap a rich, creamy lather. Choose from a variety of fragrances made exclusively with essential oils, including the following scents:

Brown Ale Eucalyptus

A beer soap made with Golden Road's 'Get Up Offa That Brown' ale, it's scented with classic eucalyptus essential oil. Colored with rhassoul clay.

Mountain Sage

A warm, slightly sweet fragrance of two sages and rosemary with hints of citrus, camphor, and fennel. Colored with indigo root and dead sea clay.


A smoky, woodsy fragrance that comes from a blend of fir, cedar, and birch tar, with a hint of fennel and exotic Peru balsam. Colored with rhassoul clay.

Rough Stuff

An unscented soap, this is a gritty bar for the hands (and perhaps the body for guys who need a really intense scrubbing). Coffee grounds, pumice, walnut shell, and clay.

Beard Soap

Formulated to act as a shampoo to slather on conditioning oils like hemp and avocado with an even thicker lather and a scent of sage, lavender, tea tree and spruce.

Beard oil goes on light (just a few drops) after a wash, and it helps condition beards and the skin beneath to be softer, sheenier, and easier to control. Plus they smell great - it's like cologne for the beard. Choose from one of the following essential oil fragrances:

Cedar Eucalyptus

A classic woodsy aroma, virginian cedar and blue gum eucalyptus work in harmony with cypress for a forest scent that is fresh and compelling.

Sandalwood Spice

Warm and sweet, the inimitable smell of sandalwood blends with a grip of spices, with notes of oakmoss, vetiver, frankincense, vanilla, and cardamom.

Citrus Splash

Lemon, lime, and grapefruit come together with a hint of juniper that adds just the right touch of herbal and spice complexity.

Back Country Forest

Another woodsy scent with a more alpine profile, dry coniferous scents blend with coriander, citrus zest, and subtle lavender.

Bourbon Barrel

A distinctive fragrance of oak barrels, citrus character and cardamom spice; like a freshly emptied bourbon cask without the solventy alcohol notes.

Bay Rum

There's nothing in men's fragrance more traditional than that bay rum scent, a cousin of the all spice leaf with no true corollary, paired here with lime and extra spice.

Hops Flower

A unique fragrance with predominant herbal notes and light spruce, citrus, and pepper undertones; a scent craft beer lovers will love.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review