Natural rejuvenating facial serum with squalane & rosehip oils for face and under eye area.
Facial Serum, Rejuvenating Treatment Oil
Facial Serum, Rejuvenating Treatment Oil
Facial Serum, Rejuvenating Treatment Oil

Facial Serum, Rejuvenating Treatment Oil

$ 25.00

An essential daily treatment for the face and under eye area, this serum is a blend of carefully chosen natural oils extracted from the seeds of cranberry, rosehip and jojoba, plus squalane extracted from the fruit of olives. These four oils work together to create a penetrating treatment that hydrates skin without an oily finish, and is gentle enough to work well for a wide spectrum of skin types. The natural scent of this oil opens with the floral notes of Damask rose, lavender, and the sweet notes of sandalwood, and finishes with an herbal & woody complement of melaleuca, Virginian cedar, and the basal notes of sandalwood.

To use, treat face twice daily, applying 4-6 drops to palm and dab onto face with opposing fingers, massaging gently into skin. For a more even application, prep skin with a hydrating toner. Available in a half ounce round bottle. When used as suggested, one bottle of facial serum will last 2-3 months.


- Cranberry Seed Oil: CO2 extracted, penetrating oil with balanced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
- Rosehip Fruit Oil: Fights wrinkles & evens skin tone
- Squalane Oil: Olive isolate improves skin elasticity & cell regeneration
- Jojoba Oil: Penetrating; high in vitamin E which reduces free radicals
- Rose Essential Oil: Aids in refining skin tone, and contains anti-inflammatory compounds
- Frankincense Essential Oil: Soothing oil & anti-inflammatory, helping regulate skin tone
- Tea Tree Essential Oil: Anti-bacterial & aids in regulating oil production

For best results, store treatment oil at room temperature out of direct sunlight