Shaving soap, eucalyptus & menthol. Handcrafted vegan soap with no scent.
Shaving Soap, All-Natural & Handcrafted
Shaving Soap, All-Natural & Handcrafted
Shaving Soap, All-Natural & Handcrafted
Shaving Soap, All-Natural & Handcrafted
Shaving Soap, All-Natural & Handcrafted

Shaving Soap, All-Natural & Handcrafted

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Specially formulated to lather best with a shaving brush, this shaving soap builds a dense, stable lather that works as a great cream for wet shaving. Cocoa & shea butters plus vegetable-based stearic acid generate a thick, dense cream, and a modest addition of coconut oil opens up the texture just enough to lift lather off the soap. Added vegetable glycerin gives the razor extra glide and moisturizes. 
Our Fragrances
Cedar Eucalyptus
Our flagship fragrance, it combines geographically distant evergreens, with earthy red cedar, camphorous and sweet blue gum eucalyptus, and bright, slightly spicy notes of cypress from Spain.

A stimulating blend of tea tree, lavender, and clary sage to invigorate your morning routine with vibrant herb and camphor notes; reminiscent of a trek through the wooded scrublands of the California coast. 

Citrus & Spruce
Mild and refreshing, the pine-like, almost sweet aroma of black spruce needles harmonize with the unmistakable tangy scent of grapefruit zest.

A strong, distinctive fragrance with woody red cedar balanced against the smoky sweetness of birch tar essential oil. Sweet, exotic notes of fennel and Peru balsam linger.

Eucalyptus & Menthol
A classic barbershop pairing, this blend of clean, cool mint and sweet eucalyptus camphor is extremely refreshing, with the cooling sensation of menthol on the finish.
Fragrance Free
Simple and unassuming, this soap has no added essential oils, allowing the fragrance of the pre-shave oil to persist. Excellent for those with finicky or sensitive skin.

Soak for 2-3 minutes in warm water, along with a brush. Shake excess water from the brush and swirl vigorously for at least half a minute or more to load the bristles, adding water as necessary. Build lather in a mug, scuttle, bowl, in hand, or directly on the face (additional water may be necessary). Add more soap as required by swirling brush on the soap. Always perform a patch test first, may contain allergens for some people. 
Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Water, Lye, Coconut Oil, Stearic Acid, Fragrance*, Vegetable Glycerin, Clay, Rosemary Leaf Extract (antioxidant)
*crafted exclusively from essential oils
Our cold-process soaps are a blend of natural fatty acids found in oils and butters, and pure alkali (lye) which converts those fatty acids into soap and naturally occurring glycerin. With the lye completely consumed in the process, small amounts of moisturizing butters and oils are left in the soap. Different oils yield different properties, with this shaving soap structured to yield a thick, stable lather with inherently gentle cocoa and shea butter. A portion of coconut oil is added to give the soap the lift required to whip into a cream.
Net Weight 3.5 oz.

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